Automated testing of ETL and Batch applications.

Improve quality, reduce testing overhead, increase the value of every single test.

TestDrive is industry’s first complete solution for automated testing of all types of batch applications. Whether you integrate your data using Ab Initio, Informatica, DataStage, or you use a different ETL tool or built in ETL/ELT solutions such as BTEQ, you can automate the complete testing process of your batch applications using TestDrive. Compared to mostly manual testing, this can significantly reduce time, cost, and errors in your ETL applications and improve the quality of both applications and data that flows through them. TestDrive is based on our experiences of delivering many consulting engagements over the years and offers significant improvements over performing manual testing.

TestDrive is a complete testing framework within which you can design your test cases, create test data, specify expected results, run test scripts, report test status and manage all of the testing artifacts over time. Using TestDrive will improve the efficiency of your QA teams significantly by making them more productive. TestDrive can be used to support all types of testing: Unit, System and Integration, Regression, and Performance testing.

The testing challenges

Nowadays, with growing complexity of data integration projects, thorough and agile testing is more important than ever. Not only because of growing number of data sources and need for faster time to market but also because of the growing reliance on data driven business decisions, which can be only as good and accurate as the information we use. The very information, which is being gathered, processed and integrated by our data integration applications. The testing of such batch applications, regardless of the technology they are implemented in, whether an ETL tool, SQL scripts, or some other third or fourth generation language has historically been a mostly manual process, highly dependent on the knowledge in the heads of individuals. Testing challenges relate to three major areas:

  • Setup complexity – the process of preparing test environment is complex, manual, and time consuming making extensive testing difficult
  • No repeatability – tests are not easy to repeat, redoing a test usually takes as much time and effort as doing it the first time
  • No traceability – it is hard to know when a particular test failed or passed and why

Leveraging our extensive experience in ETL and data integration development, testing and deployment for customers around the world, we have created TestDrive – a declarative, metadata driven data integration testing framework that addresses the particular challenges listed above plus much more.

The solution

TestDrive is a complete testing framework designed to make testing of data integration applications easier and more efficient. Major features of TestDrive are given below:

  • Centralized storage and management of test case and test data
  • TestDrive stores complete test related information, including the test scope (inputs and outputs definition, execution steps, environment configuration) as well as the test case data (input data as well as expected results). All the information is easily accessible and searchable to ensure highest user effectiveness.

  • Easy test case authoring and management
  • Usability and ergonomics of the user interface are key design priorities. The whole system is built with the goal to enable the users to perform the most common operations in shortest time possible. Many different methods to create test cases are offered.

  • Automatic test setup, execution and results evaluation
  • One of the biggest challenges with ETL testing is the complex setup required. Manual deployment of the input data in complex environments with several databases and a number of data files can take significant amount of effort each time the test needs to be run. TestDrive makes sure all the input data sets are properly prepared. This includes archiving existing data sets and preparing and delivering test data sets to the correct input locations. After performing the execution it captures the generated outputs, generates a test report and restores the environment to the initial state. Test reports include comprehensive information from the top level statistics to detailed results comparison at row and field level.

  • Flexible deployment options
  • TestDrive architecture is modular and supports several deployment models, starting from small installations suitable for supporting a small development team with a single environment up to large teams with multiple development, test, integration and production environments. Hence TestDrive is equally suitable for small, medium, or very large corporations.

  • Flexible cooperation models
  • You can purchase TestDrive licenses as a capital expense or you can use TestDrive in a SaaS model and pay only for what you use. You can outsource your QA function completely to us or you can use our expertise to implement testing best practices for your QA organizations.

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